News: Lil Wayne street surfs at Double Rock!

I guess all those "a milli" double-entendres will have to wait because even though Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV didn't push a million copies in its first week of sales, it came pretty darn close with 964,000. No biggie smalls though, it still beat out Watch The Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Not to mention Tha Carter III's first week showed 1,005,000 copies sold so... suffice it to say, Weezy's cruisin'. 

Now that all the stress of Tha Carter IV delays is behind him, Lil Tunechi took some time out to drop by the Thrasher Magazine Double Rock skatepark the other night (errr..morning?) at the ungodly hour of 3am to...well... shred some gnar, bro! Fresh off his recent 9-stitches-inducing skateboard accident, Wayne does a bunch of drop-ins and front rocks. Still a bit shakey, but once he steadies his sea legs I'm sure a half-pipe will become a staple prop on his next tour.