News: No More Lyrical Beef Between Adele & Ex

Lyrics from "Turning Tables", c/o izzylehrer's tumblr

Remember back in May when Adele's ex-boyfriend, AKA the dude who basically all of her lyrics on the album 21 are about, demanded royalties off all of her songs? Naturally, Adele fired back stating that she lived through the pain of their relationship, so now she deserves what she gets...aka the $$$.

Thankfully, the UK songstress and her ex-boy are on good terms; apparently, she told fans at her recent London gig that the two are now friends. It's great that her ex overcame his narcissistic demands — I mean, there are tons of song lyrics out there inspired by heartbreak, right? You don't often see the people behind the lyrics come out with lawsuits...kind of a ridiculous thing to do.

Without this random nameless guy, we wouldn't have these amazing songs that are connecting with MILLIONS of people around the world (who hasn't gone through a heartache?) thank you, Adele's Ex That Shall Remain Unnamed!

~ A.H.