News: The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams

Right after the 2002 Grammy's when the Hank Williams tribute album "Timeless" won Country Album of the Year, a little known secret was revealed: there existed a cardboard box containing unfinished lyrics, scribblings and notebooks left behind by the late country legend Hank Williams.

Soon after this revelation, Bob Dylan was approached and given the notebooks. He was asked by Williams' record company Acuff-Rose to write music for the lyrics. After thinking on the idea for a year and a half, Dylan decided the task was too mighty. He decided instead to do only one song and source the rest out to talented artists like Jack White and Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and Alan Jackson. 

The artists were given free reign of the material left behind by Williams and turned it into an honouring tribute to the legend. The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams is available on Amazon for pre-order and officially comes out on October 4th.