Nicki Minaj Has A "Moment 4 Life" In New Pepsi Commercial

The bright, colorful, and lovingly wacky Nicki Minaj makes her commercial debut for Pepsi in their new ad campaign that's all about "living for now", so it totally makes sense that the clip was based around Nicki's hit tune "Moment 4 Life". The ad spot starts out with a couple sipping Pepsi and everything pauses for them, allowing them to explore the time-stopped world, finishing off at a Nicki Minaj concert. A smooth, cool remix of Nicki's song (which totally fits with the Pepsi image) plays in the background, higlighting her uplifting lyrics:

"I wish that I could have this moment 4 life / 4 life, 4 life / 'Cause in this moment, I just feel so alive / Alive, alive"

Watch the commercial below and sound off to us: what do you think of Pepsi and Nicki's ad campaign?