Nicki Minaj Sets Her Haters "Up In Flames" In New Song And Video

We've seen Nicki Minaj in colorful costumes, outrageous wigs, and crazy makeup, but there are two sides to every coin and in her new video, the second in only 8 days, Minaj's mood is decidedly more serious. "Up In Flames" is the name of the song in which the rapper spits lines about her own success (what else is new!) like "Got the clothing line poppin' then the wigs is next / When I fly you know G-5 is the jet / I'm the motha-f****n queen 'Lizabeth." Throughout the video you can see guys on motorcycles doing stunts and Nicki sitting at a piano in a room full of candles, or at the mic in a recording studio — it's no "Super Bass" but it will definitely please fans of rap without the pop.

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