Nikki Williams Has The Perfect TGIF Song For You

Celebrate the start of the weekend by watching her new "Thanks God It's Friday" lyric video

Fridays are awesome. The weekend has begun, which means it's time to let your hair down, leave the week's anxieties behind, and celebrate. It just so happens we've got the perfect the thing to get that celebration started: Nikki Williams' brand new "Thank God It's Friday" lyric video!

In the video, Nikki lets us in on her Friday night plans (hint: there's a lot of partying involved). But regardless of whether or not you plan on following Nikki's lead and getting your party on, there's one lyric in particular that perfectly sums up the ideal Friday attitude: "Get loose, live life, c'mon."

Watch the "Thanks God It's Friday" lyric video below. TGIF FTW!

A bit of background on Nikki: she's a 24-year-old singer/songwriter, originally from South Africa, who relocated to Nashville at a young age and started a career as a professional songwriter. After deciding the country genre wasn't for her, Nikki moved to L.A., aspiring to be a pop-star in her own right. She's been successfully releasing music since, including her latest single "Glowing" (watch the song's video here).
She also still finds time to pen songs for other stars too, co-wroting Demi Lovato's hit song "Heart Attack."

What's your favorite TGIF-themed lyric from Nikki Williams' "Thank God It's Friday"? Share it with us in the comments on this awesome Friday!