No Doubt's Facebook Fans Are "Looking Hot" In Their Latest Lyric Video

Well, this is the first time we've seen a lyric video released AFTER the music video!

No Doubt were under a bit of scrutiny when they first released their music vid for "Looking Hot", because it featured the band dressing up in Native American gear and playing "Cowboys and Indians". With all of the backlash the band received from Native organizations, No Doubt took down the music vid, and we're assuming this lyric video is the replacement for it.

Using various Facebook profile pictures (of which we assume are their fans), plus a few shots of the band (can you spot them?), No Doubt's "Looking Hot" lyric vid is a fun little clip where we get to see everyday people looking their finest, just like the lyrics say. Did YOUR picture make the cut?

What do you think of No Doubt's lyric video for "Looking Hot"? Do you think they will release another music video or just this lyric vid?