Noel Gallagher Brings Songwriting Skills to High Flying Birds

While Noel Gallagher's foray into the solo world with High Flying Birds has been receiving some mixed reviews, one thing that remains top drawer is Gallagher's songwriting skills. Best known for the timeless emotional classics, "Wonderwall" and "Champagne Supernova", Gallagher brought his songwriting A-game to the table on his solo debut.

Written in between public sibling rivalry (what else is new?), and attempting to find the balance between work and family, the lyrics on High Flying Birds make no attempt at hiding their inspiration. Listeners can especially hear Gallagher's frustration in the song "(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach":

And hold me all night, / Or say "so long, baby, bye bye" / Pull me one for the road / It's a long journey baby, / And where is gonna take me? / Just depends on the weight of my load

Knowing that the recording process for High Flying Birds forced Gallagher to fly back and forth between London and Los Angeles for two years, this song could be interpreted as a message to Gallagher's wife, Sara MacDonald, as an apology or expression of frustration that his work is taking time away from his family. 

Gallagher's lyrical aggravation is also reflected in "Dream On" where he admits, "Oh me, oh my I'm running out of batteries / I'm hanging from a ladder."

While these lyrics snippets paint a fairly grey picture of the album, don't be fooled. The album hosts some surprisingly upbeat, psychedelic, and danceable tracks as well. Check Street Date for the full disclose on High Flying Birds.