Norah Jones + Danger Mouse = Little Broken Hearts

There's been a trend in pop music for years that pairs singers with hip-hop producers. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, Gwen Stefani and The Neptunes, and now...Norah Jones and Danger Mouse? In all honesty, their pairing is not surprising: the two music makers collaborated on Danger Mouse's 2011 album Rome with Norah lending her vocal chops to the songs "Season's Trees", "Black", and "Problem Queen".

Norah's latest effort, produced by Danger Mouse, is entitled Little Broken Hearts and is due out in the spring (according to Street Date). After their recording sessions for Danger Mouse's Rome, the duo made a musical connection and got started right away on Norah's LBH. The two musicians wrote all the songs for the record together, and Danger Mouse even shows off his instrumental skills by contributing drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and string arrangements to the album!

Do you think Norah's tracks are going to sound straight off of Rome? This collaborative effort is definitely a risk for the jazz singer and the urban producer, but we're looking forward to listening to Little Broken Hearts.