O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OMG, It's Usher's Birthday!

Image c/o @UsherRaymondIV's Twitter — excited birthday boy!

Everybody say "Yeah!" — it's R&B hitmaker Usher's b-day today! Ever since his first single hit the airwaves in 1993, we've "had it bad" for the smooth-voiced popstar. I mean, these are our "confessions": we've got a love that "burns" deep for Usher Raymond IV, and we wish he'd call us his "boo"! OK, we'll stop with the lyrical puns... 

Here's Usher at a tender 15 years of age for his video "Call Me A Mack"...can you believe this precious lil' guy is 33 today? Boggles the mind! 

~ A.H.