On This Day In Music History...

July 28, 1990: Soulja Boy supaman'd his way into the world

It's safe to say that Soulja Boy has made a huge contribution to teen culture with the release of "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)". Not only did he introduce "superman" as a verb to the world, but he provided some sick moves to go along with it. 

And let's be honest..."Crank Dat" sort of defines our generation's mainstream music tastes. The lyrics aren't thoughtful and anyone can sing along — which is what most labels are looking for since it'll get mad airplay. "Crank Dat" is so simple and what other song can boast a one word hook: "YOOOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!" I would also like to argue that the steel drums alone could be a hook as well, it's like slow motion Super Mario Bros. music. Seriously, Soulja Boy could probably quit music right now, like today on his 21st birthday and coast on all the royalties he gets from people using "Crank Dat" as a ringtone.

Happy Birthday Soulja Boy! Now go buy some t-shirts that don't go past your knees.