On This Day In Music History...

July 15, 1956: Ian Curtis, singer of Joy Division, was born!

If you're a fan of Interpol, The National, or The Horrors then you should be thanking Joy Division. As one of the pioneering post-punk/new-wave bands to hit the scene in the UK, Joy Division have influenced countless musicians long after their reign in the late seventies. Curtis himself was plagued with depression and suffered from epilepsy, which often caused him to have seizures during performances. Following his death in 1980, the remaining band-members stuck it out and formed New Order (Blue Monday, anyone?). 

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" is a classic in my eyes, even if I did first hear it in "Donnie Darko"... If you have an affinity for black hoodies and thoughtfully staring off into the distance, this needs to be pumping through your headphones at all times.