On This Day In Music History...

July 5, 1986: Janet Jackson's album "Control" hit number one on the charts.

Control is Janet's (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) third album, but her first to top the Billboard 200, with 5 of its commercial singles ("Nasty", "Control", "What Have You Done For Me Lately", "When I Think Of You" and "Let's Wait Awhile") peaking within the top five of the Billboard 100. "Control" marked a period for Janet when she finally held the reigns to her life and career: her marriage to James DeBarge had just been annulled and she had ditched business ties with her father/manager Joe Jackson (good idea!) and hired A&M exec, John McClain.

It's inspiring how in-control and confident Janet is in this video. Pretty sure the next time some creep is acting like a 'nasty boy' in da club, I'm gonna break out into this song (dance moves included, obvs).