September 4, 2002: Kelly Clarkson was the FIRST EVER American Idol winner!

Not gonna lie, I treated weekly episodes of American Idol Season 1 like a Church Sunday. A half hour before the show came on, I would stroll to the corner store with my BFF where we'd each grab a mini bag of chips and a slurpee and then devour (read: stress eat) our bounty while a then novel Simon Cowell doled out his rude hoity-toity witticisms. Actually, if you watch the above video, please make note of Simon WIPING A TEAR FROM HIS EYE at 0:56. Probably the only tear he's ever cried. 

I felt sort of bad for Justin but then I stopped after realizing he got to hang on to Kelly's coattails when he starred in....

...the original High School Musical???? Why haven't I seen this!