On This Day In Music History...

July 2, 1979: The first portable music player, The Walkman, was introduced by Sony.

I couldn't find a commercial for the original Sony Walkman from 1979, but here's an upgraded version from 1985, so it's smaller, more portable and just overall more sleek (uhhh..lol). But seriously, can you imagine being around when this thing was first invented? Gone are the days of carrying a heavy ghetto blaster on your shoulder (although the ghetto blaster looks cooler, in my humble opinion). It's strange to think that us Gen-Yers have never been without portable music. Even just the other day, my friend accidentally took my iPod home with her, and when I noticed its absence the next morning I was instantly in a foul mood. My bus ride was music-less, my jog had no pump-up tunes, and my chores were more boring than usual (because who wants to do dishes in silence, am i right?). I started to wonder if I was a freak for barely surviving without my precious music player, but then I realized it wasn't the iPod itself that I missed, but the music. I mean, doesn't every life deserve a decent soundtrack? So don't be paranoid about whether or not you're technology-dependant and wear your headphones proud...just not when you're with other people because that's weird and rude.