On This Day In Music History...

June 30, 1990: New Kids On The Block "Step By Step" was number one on the charts.

When New Kids On The Block first burst onto the scene, my older sister was seven years old and her best friend lived across the street from us. One day during a playdate, my sister's friend asks, "have you heard of the New Kids On The Block?" and my sister gets so excited, thinking a group of new teenybopper playmates have arrived in the neighbourhood and shouts, "No! Which house did they move into? What are they like? Are they our age?" She was quickly met with a blank stare followed by an eye roll. Of course now, nobody could get new neighbours and New Kids On The Block confused since they're like..one of the first boy bands, like, ever. 

"Step By Step" is NKOTB's biggest selling single and the video is hilarious. Mostly for the outfits (overalls, neon muscle tees, a leopard print/leather varsity jacket..yeah, wow) and dancing. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Marky Mark cameo at ~3:45, when he's kickin it with older bro Donnie. What a hunk (Mark...not Donnie..sorry).