On This Day In Music History...

June 13, 1995: Jagged Little Pill was released!

It's pretty much impossible for "You Oughta Know" to play anywhere without every girl in the vicinity instantly dropping whatever they're doing to belt out the entire song word for word. This happened to me recently, in a car, and when the song came to the "of the cross I bear that you gave to me" part, I sang what I always thought the lyrics were, "of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me." I just always assumed the ex-boyfriend she was singing about (allegedly Dave Coulier aka Uncle Joey from Full House!) was a taxidermist or something? Needless to say, everyone stopped singing and stared at me. Lesson learned.

ANYWAY-this is a great album (uhhh hello! "Ironic," anyone? Or "Head Over Feet"). Almost any of the songs on the entire record could be my favourite. What's yours?