On This Day In Music History...

September 1, 1946: Barry Gibb was born!

One of the three founding members of the Bee Gees (duh), Barry's known for his high-pitched falsetto voice and for holding the record of consecutive Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones with six. 

"Stayin' Alive" is one of those classic songs that everyone knows because its managed to infiltrate all corners of pop culture. Even the Muppets did a cover!! I think it might actually be the first song I ever knew (diagonal disco point up, point down dance included) and can remember performing around the house for my embarrassed parents and their amused friends. Oh the good ol' days.

On a sidenote, how LOL is the "Stayin' Alive" music video? Just three brothers walking around a totally desolate town and showing off their insanely thin waists. What more could you ask for?