On This Day In Music History...

August 21, 1965: The Lovin' Spoonful released their hit "Do You Believe In Magic?"

Isn't this just the cutest song? Honestly, there's not a soul who hasn't heard "Do You Believe In Magic". It just instantly puts you in a goofy happy mood. I mean, check out the chick in the stripes at 1:05, she's having a GREAT time!

This song mostly reminds me of the (updated) Parent Trap movie with a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan in her debut role! Right when they figure out they're twins, they begin plotting the old switcheroo and "Do You Believe In Magic?" starts playing (1:44) in the background. So fitting, right? 

*Confession: my best friend and I would actually rewind and re-watch the handshake scene until we learned the whole thing. Pretty sure I still remember it.