August 19, 2008: Lady Gaga releases her debut album The Fame and embarks on her ongoing journey to weird-land...

It's kind of a joke in our office when we overhear people calling Lady Gaga "weird". It's pretty much the most Captain-Obvious statement anybody could make, plus it's totally unoriginal! As huge Gaga fans we prefer to call her Avant Garde because she's ahead of her time and we can never predict what she'll wear or do next.

We decided to use publicity photos from each of her albums to track her evolution...

The Fame:

Pretty tame, regular haircut, black suit, kind of kooky with the glittery lightening bolt a la Ke$ha (although I think Gaga did it first...)

The Fame Monster (see what she did there?):

A bit weirder, short messy hair, crazy makeup, robot dress

and currently, Born This Way:

Full-on witch mode! Check the shoes, the cape, the headpiece; has she reached the pinnacle of "weird" yet? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...