On This Day In Music History...

August 18, 1992: Grunge royalty was born

You guessed it.  On August 18, 1992, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain became parents to baby Frances Bean Cobain. 

Other than lawsuits/restraining orders against her mother, interning at Rolling Stone and throwing a suicide-themed sweet 16 birthday party, Frances Bean has kept a respectfully low profile. We've seen all the baby photos of her on the red carpet with her parents and receiving a kitten from her dear old dad, but when we saw little Frances all growed up in a recent photo set on hedislimane.com, we were totally blown away. It even took us a while to figure out just who it was now that she's all tatted up.

Let's face it though, the girl is gorgeous and a perfect mix of both her parents. See for yourself... 

Dang girl. Want more? Check hedislimane.com/diary/


Images courtesy of hedislimane.com