On This Day In Music History...

September 18, 2004: Britney Spears and Kevin Federline got hitched!

This may just be my favourite couple of all time. American's sweetheart meets America's ummm....mooch? People were so surprised when BritBrit got romantically involved with her bad-boy backup dancer, but we should've seen it coming! Just check the lyrics to her song "The Hook Up":

Oh baby, I can't believe everything that I feel when I dance with you / From the small of my back to the breath on my neck / To that move you do / Put your body, got to get my body right next to you

Duh! She is totally talking about K-Fed here! I bet every performance with him was like torture for Miss Spears as she tried to suppress her feelings and just go on with the show. 

FINALLY they got together (totes Romeo and Juliet) and Kevin even returned the lyrical favor in his song, "Crazy":

Whilst I'm holding my sons / As I march through the valley of the shadow of death / Dark hair on my chest / Wife on my left

Omg "wife!" That's totes Britney! Ah, young love. Is it wrong that I still wish these two were together?