One Direction Defends Their So-Called "Inappropriate" Lyrics

Image c/o Francois Durand (Getty)

British newspapers are calling out One Direction's lyrics as inappropriately suggestive, and band member Louis Tomlinson was the first to react:

"The thing is with the way the lyrics read, they read how you want them to read. If you want to read them with a dirty mind, fair enough. But if not, it can mean a completely different thing."

Extracted from their hit song "Live While We're Young", the following words made publications question the innocence of 1D's lyrics:

It's now or never, don't overthink, just let it go, and if we get together, get together, don't let the pictures leave your phone

Harry Styles chipped in his two sense on the matter as well:

"I think you read into it what you will. We are 18, 19 and 20-year-old boys. The fans seem to like it, so it's all good."

We want to know what you think about One Direction's lyrics: are they all in fun, or are they suggestive to younger listeners? Share your thoughts with us!