One-hit Wonder Wednesday: Don't Say You Love Me - M2M

Hey guys! Remember M2M? No? Well, it's probably for your own good then!

Growing up in the late 90s, I was head over heels for Pokemon. So, naturally, I was super-stoked when I heard about the first movie coming out, and even more excited for the soundtrack. All my faves were included: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, 98 Degrees, *NSYNC — a 90s pop-lover's dream! And then there was "Don't Say You Love Me" by M2M, a random Norwegian duo, which was chosen to be the main song from Pokemon: The First Movie...? 

Of course, I remember loving the song as a kid, but after listening to it for the first time in probably a DECADE, I'm smacking my past self in the head and saying "What were you thinking?". Seriously: WHAT IS UP WITH THE HELIUM VOICES. And the terrible makeup. And the suspicious guitar strumming?

I'll take you on a quick spin through the one-hit wonderdom of M2M: 

  • Signed in 1998 to Atlantic Records

  • Featured on the Pokemon Movie soundtrack in 1999

  • Their first album, Shades of Purple, released in 2000 and hit #1 in Norway (duh)

  • Performed a concert TV special aired in April 2000 at Epcot in Walt Disney World

  • Opened for Hanson in September 2000

Not a bad career span for one-hit wonders!

But...where are they now?

According to their Wiki page, the gals are performing as solo artists under their own names, most likely in their home country of Norway. No matter what kind of success they receive in the future, they can always remember that THEY OPENED FOR HANSON ~*~*~*~ 

~ A.H.