One-hit Wonder Wednesday: Tarzan Boy - Baltimora

Can we just address the BAD A** song and video combination that Italo disco legend Baltimora released in 1985? I remember hearing it on soft-rock radio when I was a kid and just lovin' it. 

(Here's the sweet cover art for the single — I want this on a t-shirt!) 

Baltimora was only active from 1985-1987, but their mega one-hit wonder "Tarzan Boy" will live forever! Here's a couple tidbits about the song's position in pop culture:

  • Covered by UK band Modern Romance in 1985

  • Used in an early 1990s commercial for mouthwash Listerine 

  • Re-recorded for two of the biggest 90s movies around — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beverly Hills Ninja

  • Referenced in the Destiny's Child 2002 remix of "Nasty Girl"

If you've got a suggestion for a one-hit wonder we can feature next Wednesday, feel free to comment and tell us!

~ A.H.