Our Big Fat VMAs Prediction Post!

With the 2011 VMAs just around the corner on August 28th, we thought we'd tap in to our inner-Nostradamus's and make some predictions. But it ain't that easy. Sometimes there's that underdog nominee (*cough* Tyler, the Creator *cough*) that you really think should win even though you know they probably own't because they're in the same category as like, Adele and Katy Perry, so things can get a lil awkweird. Don't worry, though, we came up with a foolproof solution. Instead of just saying who we think will win, we're also throwing out who we think should win, so all the dark horses get their recognition.

Check our predictions below. Agree? Disagree? Whadya think?

Video of the Year

Who Should Win: Tyler, the Creator, because he ate a cockroach for real.

Who Will Win: Adele, because she pulled off the most epic cups-of-water-on-the-floor prank ever.

Best Male Video

Who Should Win: Cee-Lo, because "F**k You!" was the pop song of 2011.

Who Will Win: Eminem, because people just LOVE that guy, even when he promotes domestic violence. Eep.

Best Female Video

  • Adele — "Rolling in the Deep"

  • Beyoncé — "Run the World (Girls)"

  • Lady Gaga — "Born This Way"

  • Nicki Minaj — "Super Bass"

  • Katy Perry — "Firework"

Who Should Win: We've got so much love for the ladies in pop, but Gaga's got it. The video for "Born This Way" is definitely a strange one, but she's got the lockdown on epic music videos.

Who Will Win: You guessed it — Gaga.

Best New Artist

Who Should Win: Tyler, The Creator, because his acceptance speech will be hilarious.

Who Will Win: Wiz Khalifa, because "Black and Yellow" is a worldwide anthem.

Best Pop Video

Who Should Win: Britney Spears, because she's back, b*tch!

Who Will Win: Katy Perry, because an eight-minute long tribute to 80's brat-pack movies is a guaranteed win.

Best Rock Video

Who Should Win: The Black Keys, because the fake movie trailer music video for "Howlin' for You" was better than any real movie trailer ever.

Who Will Win: Foster the People, because even my mom loves "Pumped Up Kicks".

Best Collaboration

Who Should Win: Chris Brown (featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes) because not many people can rap that fast, yo.

Who Will Win: Pitbull (featuring Ne-Yo, Nayer, and Afrojack) because it's newer, catchier, and dancier.

Best Choreography in a Video

  • Beyoncé — "Run the World (Girls)" (Choreographer: Frank Gatson)

  • Lady Gaga — "Judas" (Chroeographer: Laurieann Gibson)

  • LMFAO (featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock) — "Party Rock Anthem" (Choreographer: Hokuto Konishi)

  • Bruno Mars — "The Lazy Song" (Choreographers: Bruno Mars and Poreotics)

  • Britney Spears — "Till the World Ends" (Choreographer: Brian Friedman)

Who Should Win: Beyoncé, because lets face it, she can dance any other popstar under the table. AND because she got a dance troupe all the way from Mozambique to teach her choreography.

Who Will Win: Beyoncé, because everyone knows how amazing and deserving this video is.

So there you have it. If you don't agree with our predictions then tell us your own! And be sure to tune in with us on Sunday August 28th for the awards!

- AH, AL, SJ