Our Favorite Disney Movie Songs Sung By Popstars

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's "Once Upon A Dream" rendition, we're counting down the best Disney songs by some of pop's greatest!

During the broadcast of the 56th annual GRAMMY awards, a commercial for the upcoming Disney blockbuster Maleficent was aired, and in it, Lana Del Rey's haunting rendition of the Sleeping Beauty standard "Once Upon A Dream" played in the background. Fans went wild for the perfect pairing of the classic song and Del Rey's voice, which got us to thinking: which other Disney anthems by pop stars get our seal of approval?

Check out our favorite pop hits from Disney movies below:

5. Once Upon A Dream

When we first heard this version of the Sleeping Beauty theme while watching The GRAMMYs, we couldn't believe how well LDR's voice fit perfectly with the lyrics. Hearing the crestfallen singer coo the words I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream makes us super-excited to see Maleficent!

4. Ever Ever After

Um, who doesn't love Enchanted? And Carrie Underwood, for that matter. Believe in ever after, Carrie urges in the song written for the 2007 flick's soundtrack. We definitely do. :)

3. I See The Light

As one of our favorite recent Disney movies, the main theme from Tangled is gorgeously sung by pop star Mandy Moore (and joined by duet partner Zachary Levi). All at once, everything looks different / Now that I see you, sings Moore in "I See The Light" to her prince. Sigh!

2. When She Loved Me

Cue the waterworks: every time we hear "When She Loved Me" by Sarah McLachlan from the Toy Story 2 soundtrack, we shed a little (or a lot) of tears. Sung from a toy's perspective of being grown out of, the lyrics When somebody loved me / Everything was beautiful / Every hour, we spent together / Lives within my heart are just too tragic.

1. Let It Go

It's no surprise Demi's rendition of "Let It Go" is our pick for the best pop star Disney track! We can't get enough of it, you guys can't get enough of it: the Frozen anthem is always stuck in our heads. Let it go, let it go / Can't hold it back anymore...

Do you have a favorite Disney song sung by a pop star to share with us? Put it in the comments!