The 10 Best Lyrics From Ciara's New Self-Titled Album

We're loving all the lyrics off Ciara's fifth studio album — what's your favorite line?


Ciara's fifth studio album, simply titled Ciara, just dropped, and we're feeling the confident, dance-y fifth record from the R&B diva. There may only be ten songs to hear, but they're all bursting with the cocky girl-power demeanour that Ciara always delivers, so take a peek below and see which lyrics we love off CiCi's latest release:

1. I'm Out (ft. Nicki Minaj)

"If you know that you better / Then the new girl that he on / Go 'head and tell him now / You gon' miss me when I'm gone...I'm out..."

2. Sophomore

"They wanna take me next semester / To them I'm a professor / So you say that you a bachelor / Let's take your game up and get your master..."

3. Body Party

"Baby, put your phone down / You should turn it off / Cause tonight it's going down..."

4. Keep on Lookin'

"Heads turnin as soon as a I walk by / Boys fightin over all that I got / From the moment I pulled in the parking lot / They can't help but to stop and park..."

5. Read My Lips

"If you like a lot of heat / Better come up in my kitchen, baby..."

6. Where You Go (ft. Future)

"It was time when I seen you happy / Where you go? / It's been a minute since I've seen you smile / Yea / Where you go?"

7. Super Turnt Up

"I'm super turnt up, super turnt up / Your love got me super turnt up..."

8. DUI

"And I'm so intoxicated / I think I'm over my limit / When you're near me..."

9. Livin' It Up (ft. Nicki Minaj)

"I'll be playing it cool / 'Cause a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do / Making up my own rules..."

10. Overdose

"Don't let, don't let, don't let, don't let go / Somebody call the doctor before I overdose..."

What lyrics do you love the most on Ciara's new record? Let us know in the comments...