Our Top Anti-Valentine's Day Songs: Part 2

The words "I love you" may mean a lot to some people, but to others, they're just three little words that mean absolutely nothing. Last year, on our previous blog, we did up a post about our top 10 anti-Valentine's Day songs (click to take a trip down memory lane). This year, we're kicking things up a notch and adding three more tunes to the list that are a little more, er, hate-filled. That's right, we're going with the opposite of "I love you" and cranking out the tracks that utter the H-A-T-E word with fuel and gusto. Without further ado, here's three more anti-Valentine's Day songs for all you V-day haters out there:

Kelis - Caught Out There

Last year, Valentine's Day, you would just warmly say / "Babe I love you, love you, babe I swear" / Held you when you were sick / Even the whole time I think to myself, this isn't fair

If this isn't the one of the best anti-Valentine's songs of all time, then we don't know what is. Kelis even name-drops the holiday in the very first lyric! Fantastic. Also, the chorus says it all to her cheating man: "I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW...AHHHHH!!!"

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

Only when you stop to think about me / Do you know? / I hate everything about you / Why do I love you?

Is there a song that conveys its message stronger than this one? We don't think so. Whoever Three Days Grace wrote this track about must be pretty shaken, even almost nine years after its release in 2003. We gotta hand it to you, TDG: you really know how to tell somebody you hate them.

Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me

In a trap, trip I can't grip / Never thought I'd be the one who'd slip / Then I started to realize / I was livin' one big lie

The tables have turned in Puddle Of Mudd's 2002 hit "She Hates Me": it's all about the ex hatin' on the singer! We don't know what Puddle Of Mudd did to make a woman hate them so, but at least they got a #1 song out of it.

Do you have any hate-filled anti-Valentine's Day songs you'd like to share?