Owl City Gives Us A Glimpse Into His Musical Mind

Wanna get into the head of Owl City's Adam Young? His handwritten My Musical Mind survey reveals ALL.

Chances are, you've heard an Owl City song at some point in your life. It could have been his massive single "Fireflies", his fun-inducing duet with Carly Rae Jepsen, "Good Time", or the many songs he's penned for animated movies like Wreck-It Ralph and The Croods. With a handful of albums under his belt already, Adam Young — the singer/songwriter/producer behind Owl City — wanted to released a series of EPs as opposed to another new album. His first in the series, Ultraviolet, is officially on shelves, and to celebrate new music from the multi-talented Young, we're revisiting his My Musical Mind survey he filled out for us.

Turns out that Adam's quite the cake and ice cream fan, adores The Script, and thinks that random proposals are rather sweet. Take note, Owl City lovers, and check out his handwritten MMM survey:
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Listen to the official audio of Owl City's "Beautiful Times" ft. Lindsey Stirling off YouTube below:

Owl City's Ultraviolet EP is out June 27th, 2014. Pick it up off iTunes.

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