Owl City Premieres New 'Wolf Bite' Video, Shares Handwritten Lyrics

We've got the exclusive premiere of Owl City's new video, plus lyrics to the song written out by Adam himself

Owl City, the multi-instrumental project of singer-songwriter Adam Young, is back with a brand new EP entitled Ultraviolet, a collection of four new songs from the hit-maker who brought us songs like "Good Time" and "Fireflies."One of the EP's standout songs is "Wolf Bite," a song with hallmark Owl City synths and melodies, but lyrics that are more melancholy than those we've come to know from Adam. "It's another bad dream, poison in my bloodstream / I'm dying but I can't scream, will you show me the way," he sings on the opening verse.

Today we've got two awesome "Wolf Bite" features to bring you. The first is an exclusive look at the song's new video, which you can see above. Among other things, the clip features a werewolf riding a bicycle, and if that's not reason enough to watch, I don't know what is. Click play at the top to check out the awesome new visual, exclusively here at MetroLyrics.

In addition to the new video, we've also got a set of handwritten lyrics to the song, penned by Adam himself! Check out the handwritten sheet below (perfect for sharing on social media, I might add), and below that you'll see Adam holding up the lyrics after writing them out, proving to you that they're legit! Be sure to read along as you listen to "Wolf Bite."

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Ultraviolet is available on iTunes now.
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