Paramore Are Back With Their "Still Into You" Lyric Video

From their upcoming self-titled release Paramore, the pop-rockers return to the music world with their new single "Still Into You", accompanied by a totally adorable lyric video. Remember playing shadow puppets as a kid? Heck, even now it's fun to get in front of a flashlight and have some fun with those bad boys. Paramore, being rather young-at-heart, decided to roll with the shadow puppet idea and have them "mouth" the words as they pop up on screen. Looks like it was a blast to make! As far as the lyrics are concerned, we think it's a super-cute, bouncy, peppy tune about still caring for your significant other after all these years. It makes us feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside.

What do you think of Paramore's new single and lyric video? Share your thoughts with us!