Pink Is Billboard's Woman Of The Year: Her Best Girl-Power Songs

Count down Pink's best female-empowering songs with us!

Congratulations, Pink! The pop sensation has been named Billboard's Woman Of The Year, and it's definitely a fitting title. Her latest album, The Truth About Love, has heated up the charts ever since its release last year, specifically her single with Nate Ruess, "Just Give Me A Reason", which fans can't get enough of. Pink will be accepting the award at the Billboard Women in Music Power Players event later in December, and to celebrate her achievement, we're counting down Pink's best lyrics about girl power. Why not count down with us?

5. "So What"

So, so what? / I'm still a rock star / I got my rock moves / And I don't need you...

Written during the period where her & husband Carey Hart were on a break, Pink made it very clear that she was better off without a man in her life. They did end up getting back together, but it was still pretty empowering to know she could make it on her own!

4. "There You Go"

There you go, lookin' pitiful / Just because I let you go / There you go, talkin' bout you want me back / But sometimes it be's like that...

Taken from Pink's first album Can't Take Me Home, the singer was known for her independent lyrics as soon as she stepped onto the music scene. "There You Go" is all about how she had no qualms with letting go of her man at the time, because as we already know about Pink, she doesn't need a man to justify her worth!

3. "U + Ur Hand"

I'm not here for your entertainment / You don't really want to mess with me tonight / Just stop and take a second / I was fine before you walked into my life...

Pink's rockin' jam about going out and having fun and not needing any male attention fits perfectly on this list. Just because she's out dancing up a storm at a club doesn't mean you can go up to her and grab her!

2. "Most Girls"

I'm not every girl / And I don't need that world to validate me / 'Cause Shorty got a job / Shorty got a car / And Shorty can pay her own rent / Don't wanna dance if it is not in my heart...

This is Pink's own version of Destiny's Child's "Independent Women": the shoes on her feet? She bought 'em! Who needs a partner to do everything — and buy everything — for you?

1. "Stupid Girls"

I'm so glad that I'll never fit in / That will never be me / Outcasts and girls with ambition / That's what I wanna see...

Pink's anthem to raise a nation of strong, smart women will forever be known as her most empowering hit yet. We hope girls everywhere are proud to be who they are and strive for the best, just like Pink's lyrics!

What girl-power Pink lyrics are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!