Pitbull ft. Ke$ha's Sexy "Timber" Lyric Video

It's going down...we're yelling "Timber"! Watch the steamy new lyric vid from the party pair.

It's safe to say that we can't stop playing Pitbull ft. Ke$ha's fist-pumping jam "Timber", so when we found out that a lyric video would accompany the party-ready track, we were thrilled. I mean, we already know all the lyrics to the song already, but it's fun to watch the clip and sing along as K-dolla-sign belts the hook "It's going down, I'm yelling timber / You better move, you better dance / Let's make a night, you won't remember / I'll be the one, you won't forget".

The song's lyric video is quite a saucy one, with a female dancer showcasing the words, as well as shots of — where else? — Miami, Pitbull's place of residence. Have fun watching the lyric video for "Timber" on VEVO below: it's going down!

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