Pitbull Gets Humble In "Outta Nowhere" Lyric Video ft. Danny Mercer

Pitbull ditches the money and fame hungry lyrics in his latest lyric video...

Pitbull is usually known for his outlandish lyrics when it comes to his music, usually rapping about the ladies, his net worth, and how much game he's got. But in his new single "Outta Nowhere" featuring up-and-coming singer Danny Mercer, the hip-hop star touches on some deeper lyrical content. With Mercer singing the chorus, Is it good that we hurt every day? / It this worth all the pain that we feel inside? / Am I too blind to see this is happening to me / Outta nowhere, it's clear that Pitbull's taking a step back and potentially questioning the meaning of life in his latest song. Yep, that's right, Pit's gettin' philosphical — who'd ever thought we'd see the day?

Accompanying the catchy tune is a lyric video that is understated yet fits the mood of the song, and of course appears to take place in Miami with silhouettes of palm trees and condos in the background. Watch it above and let us know what you think of Pitbull & Danny Mercer's humble new single!