Playlistin': 4 Songs To Celebrate the 4th Of July

Happy Independence Day, Amuuurica: get down to our playlist today!

Here she is, the mother of all American anthems! Did Miley Cyrus know just how many Youtube hits she was was in for when she recorded this tune (written by British pop star Jessie J, which is rather ironic)? We wouldn't be surprised if President Obama appointed "Party In The USA" to replace "The Star Spangled Banner" as the national anthem...

Fedora? Check. Aviators? Check. Wifebeater? Check. Oversized fur vest? Yep, looks like Kid Rock just showed up! Just in time for Independence Day, too! And what better way to celebrate your nation than with mud-fights, Ron Jeremy, and a motorcycle gang? Oh yeah, the typical elements are in there as well (read: giant American flag, haystacks, and fireworks) for your more traditional 4th of July fix.

We like this song because it's in one of our favourite movies, Clueless! It's a cover of a song from the 80's but we like this one because it has just enough teen angst to really convey what it's like to be a teen in the US of A. That is to say: very lucky to live in the land of opportunity!

We thought we'd include a little ditty to do with Independence Day, and who other to preach it to the choir than our gals from Destiny's Child? That's whassup.