Playlistin': 5 Back To School Songs To Get You Out Of Bed

It's that time of year again; back to school! Need some help dragging yourself out of bed and making it to class on time? These jams will get you in the right mindset to get learnin' and if not, there's always coffee!

ABC - Jackson 5

T-t-t-teacher's gonna show you, show you, show you / How to get an A / Spell me, you, add the two / Listen to me baby, that's all you gotta do

Don't you wish you had the Jackson 5 as your teachers? They would sing out all your lessons in perfect harmony, with matching sparkly outfits to boot. Instead of sitting down at your desk and drooling as you dream about the dismissal bell ringing, little Michael and the gang would make dancing and singing a part of the curriculum: in this case, teaching their pupils how to love — it's as easy as 1-2-3!

I Love College - Asher Roth

I can't tell you what I learned from school but / I could tell you a story or two, um / Yeah, of course I learned some rules / Like don't pass out with your shoes on

In this song, Asher Roth teaches us just what NOT to do at college if you want to graduate. It's the ultimate frat-boy anthem about drinking, partying and girls. We've gotta say; our college experience was nothing like this...thankfully.

Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

So that's right dude, meet me at the bleachers / No principals, no student, teachers

This is a perfect pump-up don't-take-crap-from-nobody song. It will help anyone who has a hard time going back to school work up the confidence to strut their stuff in the halls. Bonus: Miss Stefani even teaches you how to spell BANANAS in case you didn't already know...

Campus - Vampire Weekend

In the afternoon / You're out on the stone and grass / And I'm sleeping on the balcony / After class

Judging by their lyrics, the boys from Vampire Weekend only went school simply to be spotted by their dream girl. Naturally, we don't encourage this type of behavior — you should be at school to learn, not to try and win over your crush! Although, back to school shopping wouldn't be as fun if you didn't dress to impress that special someone...

School Spirit - Kanye West

Because when I die, buddy, you know / What's going to keep me warm, that's right, those degrees

Ouch. If you know Kanye West, you might know that he dropped out of college to pursue his hip hop career. His mother is quoted as saying: "It was drummed into my head that college is the ticket to a good life... but some career goals don't require college. For Kanye to make an album called College Dropout it was more about having the guts to embrace who you are, rather than following the path society has carved out for you." You can tell by these lyrics that Kanye feels the same way about higher education.