Playlistin': 5 Christmas (W)raps

If you're getting a little overwhelmed by the mass aray of Christmas carols ringing through the land, we feel ya. It seems like Christmas music is only done one way: traditional. Thank goodness for these five songs that take Xmas to the street! From Kanye West to Destiny's Child, the biggest stars in hip-hop/R&B all have holiday hits under their belts, so we thought we'd put together a playlist that celebrates the best Christmas (w)raps...get it? Christmas (w)rapping? Crank up these 5 jingle jams as you cruise in your Cadillac this holiday season:

5. Christmas In Hollis - Run D.M.C.

Decorate the house with lights at night / Snow's on the ground, snow white so bright / In the fireplace is the yule log / Beneath the mistletoe as we drink egg nog

"Christmas in Hollis" is maybe one of the earliest Christmas raps. It follows Run, D.M.C., and Jam Master Jay checking everything off their Christmas To-Do lists (putting up Christmas lights, making collared greens, and macaroni and cheese) when they stumble upon Santa's lost wallet and there's a million dollars in it (how would all those bills even fit? how does Santa even make money in the first place?). Anyway, because they're such nice guys, they go to return it, but find out that the money's all for them! Forget "thoughtful" gifts, we want cold hard cash. Now that would be a Christmas miracle.

4. Christmas In Harlem - Kanye West

Even though we ain't balling / Feels like we bought it all / The mistletoe's right here / Come give a kiss to Santa Claus

While Run DMC told us about Christmas in Hollis, Kanye (with the help of Cam'Ron Pusha-T, Jim Jones, Big Sean, and Musiq Soulchild) waxes poetic on the Christmas traditions that take place in Harlem. Given its humble lyrics, it's pretty surprising that this song was released in December of 2010, right at the tail end of Kanye's Dark Twisted Fantasy success. You'd think Yeezy would be ordering custom made kilts to give to all his pals on Christmas, but he's hittin' the mall just like the rest of us.

3. 8 Days Of Christmas - Destiny's Child

On the sixth day of Christmas, my baby gave to me / A crop jacket with dirty Denim jean

Sure, this song may have aged badly (A crop jacket? Dirty denim jeans?) and it may be pretty consumerist-based but we can't help but love it for its catchy beat! Plus, we've heard it so many times by now its just kind of a given once the holidays roll around. You just know you'll hear it at stores in the mall trying to get guys to buy buy buy for the Beyonces in their lives.

2. Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto - Snoop Dogg ft. Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg, Tray Deee, Bad Azz

It's 12.30 am, Christmas Eve / I'm out with the gangstas and thieves / Celebratin', postin' up with eggnog [head up up] in my cup

In this song's world, the gangstas are hanging out on the block drinking...eggnog! So cute, right? The Death Row crew is trying to represent what it's like to have Christmas in the Ghetto and though it's a bit different from the Christmas we know, it's just as festive and family-filled. Awwww.

1. Ludacrismas - Ludacris

Frosty's never seen nothing quite like this / And St. Nick's never seen nothing quite like 'Cris

Remember when Ludacris starred as an elf in the movie Fred Claus? Kinda ridiculous, right? Well, if it weren't for that role, we wouldn't have this classic hip-hop jam that's totally acceptable to listen to with the family. Recorded for the Fred Claus soundtrack, Luda raps about a down-home Christmas that he can't wait to spend with his family. Adorable.

That's a (w)rap! (Yeah, sorry). Rappy Holidays y'all! (Again, sorry).

- AH, AL, SJ