Playlistin': 5 Performances We're Looking Forward To At Coachella

You knew it was coming. Ever since the Coachella lineup was released, all we've been been able to do is imagine the sun-drenched, desert-backdropped performances that the California music festival offers this year. With headliners like Radiohead, The Black Keys, and Snoop and Dre, it's hard not to let your imagination run wild. Not to mention the reunions of two iconic punk bands: At The Drive-In and Refused. Mix in a whole slew of buzzband newcomers and you've got a recipe for one (Coac)hell-of-a weekend. Unfortunately, we've got a few months until the 2 weekend festival actually takes off, so we're just gonna have to be satisfied with our music fantasies until then. Here are 5 acts we're looking forward to seeing at Coachella:

5. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E.

I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world / Hitting them corners on the low-low's girl / Still taking my time to perfect the beat / And I still got love for the streets, it's the D R E

Dr. Dre's been so busy making headphones, he forgot to write some music for us to hear through them! On the real though, we've been waiting for Detox for nearly a decade, so we're hoping that the dynamic duo not only performs the classics that we STILL bump in our cars ("Still D.R.E.", "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang"), but some new tracks as well (come on, Dre, you've had 10 years!).

4. Azealia Banks - 212

What you gon' do when I appear? / W-when-when I premiere? / B*tch the end of your lives are near / This sh*t been mine, mine

Azealia Banks skyrocketed her way into our headphones after releasing one of the most confident debut songs ever ("212"). And I guess that Kanye West endorsement didn't hurt, either. Having attended the same performing arts school as Nicki Minaj, Miss Banks will surely be a fireball once she hits the stage—bring your sunglasses.

3. Black Lips - Modern Art

You turn around and you don't know where you've been / You look up at the glass dome and the room beings to spin / Let's go out and find the ocean 'cause I think we need a swim / Turn around, start it over, let's begin

Black Lips are notorious for their hellish stage antics. What starts as an immaculate stage set-up is transformed into a wasteland of smashed glass, puke, and urine once the garage band has graced it with their presence. So if you've ever wondered what those live punk shows were like back in '75, Black Lips are a Coachella must see.

2. At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor

"They hibernate but have they kissed the ground / Pucker up and kiss the asphalt now "

Finally, a chance to relive our highschool years (and create new memories) with At the Drive-In, the post-hardcore band that reunited this week after an 11 year break up. These guys are amazing musicians so to see them practicing their craft (shredding) right in front of you and to rock out in a crowd of thousands of other fans is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can't wait to hear One Armed Scissor and to get a first-listen to some of their new material. It will be epic.

1. Santigold - Go! (ft. Karen O)

"Trying to put a bullet on you guys won't go / Looking for your ticket, the less will go / But your guys won't go!"

Before her name change (Santogold to Santigold) for legal reasons, electro/hip-hop/new waver Santi White's 2008 debut Santogold was one of the highest-praised records of the 00's. Now, almost 4 years later, the Philadelphia native is finally back with her new album Master Of My Make-Believe, due out this spring. To say we're stoked for Santigold's return to the music world is kiiind of an understatement: she totally teased us with the release of "Go!" which came out in spring of 2011 and we want MORE. Can't wait to see her new tracks performed at North America's biggest music fest!

- AH, AL & SJ

If you still need more, our good friends at KROQ are live streaming exclusive concerts from from the Shins, the Black Keys, M83 and more from their house at Coachella. You can watch all the intimate performances on The schedule is listed below:

Times listed as Pacific and subject to change.


M83 11:30AM
Kasabian 1:00PM
Arctic Monkeys 2:00PM
Wallpaper 2:45PM
Band of Skulls 4:00PM
The Black Keys 5:00PM


Oberhofer 11:00AM
Miike Snow 12:00PM
The Hives 2:00PM
The Shins 3:00PM
Death Grip 3:30PM


Metronomy 10:30AM
Grouplove 1:00PM
Kimbra 3:00PM
Florence + The Machine 4:15PM

Watch all the streams on KROQ.