Playlistin': 5 Songs For A Fresh Start

Every New Year's every single one of us makes plans to hit the gym more, quit smoking, do better in school, actually muster up the confidence to talk to that cute guy in class, or stop spending so much time with our cats. Okay maybe those last two are just me but whatever. All that matters is this is the year it's actually going to happen. Right, guys?

It's tough to stay motivated and stick to your resolutions beyond the first couple weeks of January, but we've got 5 songs to keep you on track:

5. Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones

If you start me up / If you start me up I'll never stop / If you start me up / If you start me up I'll never stop

The first few days of January are when you're at the peak of your motivation (have you ever seen how packed the gym is during the first half of the month?!). Unfortunately, most people tend to slow down after the first couple weeks, but take a page from The Rolling Stones' book this year and KEEP GOING. The Mayan calendar says 2012 is our last year anyway might as well check off that bucket list, right?

4. Not Afraid - Eminem

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid / To take a stand, to take a stand / Everybody, everybody / Come take my hand, come take my hand

This is Eminem's big comeback track from giving up his drug habits. In "Not Afraid:, Em admits that he found strength in his fans to strive for a better life and create better music. In this light, Em is inspiring all of us to overcome our struggles (or nasty habits). And what better time to start than at the beginning of a whole new year? Make it a good one!

3. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh / There's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York / These streets will make you feel brand new / Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York

In the Neeewww Yeeeeeeeaaaarrr, concrete plans will make your dreams come true / Jay-Z will inspire you, let's hear it for the New Yeeeaaarrr! For real though, if Jay-Z can go from standing under a lampost to standing under a light show at Madison Square Gardens, then anything is possible. Get pumped.

2. Brand New - Rhymefest ft. Kanye West

I don't like it unless it's brand new / You might see me in my brand new whip / With my brand new b*tch, pumpin' my brand new sh*t

'Tis the season for reinventions. But, unlike Rhymefest,  you don't need to buy a whole bunch of new swag to feel better about your yourself; confidence comes from within! It's a brand new year, ain't it? And just think; if you set goals and achieve 'em, you just might get a brand new whip out of it anyway.

1. Feeling Good - Nina Simone

It's a new dawn / It's a new day / It's a new life / For me / And I'm feeling good

Ahhh, doesn't it feel good to be..alive!? You've got your whole life ahead of you, so start steering it in the direction you want it to go. But breathe easy and don't rush, take time to appreciate the journey as much as the end goal.

That's all, folks! But remember; you don't need 365 days to pass in order to make a change in your life—take on every single day with as much enthusiasm and drive as you did the day before.