Playlistin': Five Songs For Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day to all you Americans out there! October 12th marks Columbus Day, which celebrates the historical figure Christopher Columbus and his arrival to the Americas. Did you know that a lot of artists name-drop the famous explorer in their lyrics? We did our research and came up with five songs that mention Mr. Columbus in their words, so in no particular order, here's our fave tunes that made the cut for this holiday version of Playlistin'...

5. Garth Brooks — Against The Grain

"But sometimes you just can't be afraid / To wear a different hat / If Columbus had complied / This old world might still be flat"

4. Amy Grant — Galileo

"In the year of fourteen ninety two / When Columbus sailed the ocean blue / Had he landed on India's shore / You might never have come to knock on my door"

3. B.o.B — Change Gonna Come (ft. Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton)

"We've been pompous ever since Columbus couldn't work a compass / We've accomplished what we conjured up while conscious"

2. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals — Mr. Columbus

"But I see it and I believe it / This ain't no great divide / So me and Mr. Columbus are going / Going to the other side"

1. Jay-Z and T.I. — Swagga Like Us (ft. Kanye West and Lil Wayne)

"Ayo I know I got it first / I'm Christopher Columbus, y'all just the pilgrims"

What other songs remind you of Columbus Day? Let us know in the comments!