Playlistin': ~*MaGiC MuSiC*~

The MetroLyricsLoves contributors are first-generation Potterheads, and with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt. II officially in theatres, we're all kinda suffering from Post Potter Depression. What better way to cure the blues than a playlist inspired by the HP characters themselves? Here's our top 5 tracks that remind us of the Potter phenomenon:

Two words: Wingardium. Leviosa.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, much? Yeah. That's right.

Slytherin's theme song. Am I right?

This one's goin' out to the Hogwarts Express. That's where everything happened, right? Where Harry met Ron and Hermione and they ate super weird jelly beans and chocolate frogs?

Dedicated to Lily, Harry's mum, for being born a wizard into a Muggle family. Her sister, Harry's aunt Petunia, ridiculed her for being who she was, so this goes out to all you bullied wizards out there! Rejoice and love yourself today!

Here's an little extra tidbit for ya: who would some of the HP characters be if they were pop stars?

Malfoy - Eminem

With word of Tom Felton taking on a rap career post-Harry Potter, we thought it'd be apropos to assign Malfoy the role of Eminem. We'll see if Felton can carry his weight as the next big white rapper...

Harry - Rivers Cuomo

We'll admit it: Harry is totally Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo because of the glasses. But I guess they both have the same stance, dress style, demeanor...

Snape - Trent Reznor

There are comparisons of these two all over the Internet. Seriously, give it a Google and you'll see the crazy resemblance. Plus, they're both kinda creepy, dark & mysterious...

And now, a moment of silence for the end of the Harry Potter saga.

- AH, SJ & AL