Playlistin' St. Patrick's Day Edition: Green Songs

Happy St. Patrick's day y'all! We're posting this a day before the real day for one reason: to remind you to wear green tomorrow! We're so nice and we care about you guys so much that we don't want you to get pinched for forgetting your green. You're welcome! Now lets get to our St. Patty's day playlist...

10. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Green Fingers

Oh, magic in her hands / She could make anything grow / Magic in her hands / She had green fingers

Siouxsie & The Banshees Green Fingers heroine spread green wherever she went. That's what we plan on doing on St. Patty's day!

9. The National - Green Gloves

Falling out of touch with all / My friends are somewhere, getting wasted / Hope they're staying glued together / I have arms for them

Here's hoping your St. Patty's day will be spent with friends! Maybe don't listen to this slow, forlorn National song right before you go out to a party...

8. New Order - Everything's Gone Green

It seems like I've been here before / It seems like I've been here before / It seems like I've been here before / It seems like I've been here before

This song embodies the confusion and haze you might be in when you wake up from your St. Patty's Day shenanigans the following morning...

7. Beyonce - Green Light

Is that a threat? What's another threat? / Yep, that's another threat,  from you, you can get no colder / You got the green light, you lookin' right / You holdin' up traffic, green means go!

I thiiiiiink Beyonce's "green means go!" lyrics are telling you to go celebrate!

6. Blake Shelton - Green

I've got a guitar, I play unplugged / I've got a homegrown girl I love / And when the summer time hits we skinny dip in the stream / I was green before green was a thing

In this case "green" doesn't mean Irish, we think it means "country". Either way, it's a great song about being proud of where you come from and remembering your modest roots.

5. Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City

I've been living for the weekend but not anymore / 'Cause here comes that familiar feeling that Friday's famous for / Yeah, I'm looking for some action and it's out there somewhere / You can feel the electricity on in the evening air

Okay okay, yes, the only thing "green" about this is Cee Lo's last name but you have to admit — dude knows how to party. We could all take a few high-life tips from him for our own St. Patty's celebrations.

4. Coldplay - Green Eyes

Green eyes / You're the one that I wanted to find / And anyone who / Tried to deny you must be out of their minds

Sing this romantic song to your green-eyed Irish sweetheart...

3. Green Day - Holiday 

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies / This is the dawning of the rest of our lives / On holiday

Have a GREEN DAY on this lovely festive HOLIDAY. Get it?

2. Mark Ronson - Pretty Green featuring Santigold

I've got a pocket full of pretty green / I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine / I'm gonna put it in the juke box / It's gonna play all the records in the hit parade

Though this song has simple lyrics, it's actually quite articulate about the truth of life: you can't do much without a few dollars in your pocket.

1. Kermit - Bein' Green

It's not easy bein' green / It seems you blend in / With so many other ordinary things / And people tend to pass you over

Ahhhh the "green" staple song where Kermit feels bad about being green but comes to terms with it in the end. It ain't easy but somebody's gotta do it!

What's on your St. Patty's day playlist? Suggest more songs below!