Playlistin': Top 4 Space Song Wake-Ups

With the launch of NASA's very last historic Shuttle Program on the morning of July 8th, Atlantis' 33rd mission not only marks the end of an era of space exploration, it also brings to a close NASA's lesser-known wake-up song program. The wake-up song is a perk of the job for astronauts, which is always fun for them and reminds them of home. So, what songs do astronauts wake up to? Here's a couple examples:

  • The Magnum P.I. theme (um...ok)

  • What A Wonderful World (obviously)

  • Free Fallin' (duh!)

  • Rocket Man (a total given)

Naturally, we at MetroLyricsLoves thought we'd compile a list of songs we'd like to wake up to if we were crazy-cool astronauts. Here's each of our picks: