Poll: Kanye West vs. Jay-Z — Whose New Rap Album Is Better?

Vote for the hip-hop album you like more in our new poll... will it be 'Yeezus' or 'Magna Carta'?

KanyeJayImageImages c/o Dimitrios Kambouris | Larry Busacca (Getty)

When it comes to rap, Watch The Throne duo/best buds Kanye West & Jay-Z know a thing or two about throwing down rhymes. Both kings of their craft, we didn't think the two would be releasing solo albums within a month of each other, but here we are: Kanye's Yeezus and Jay's Magna Carta Holy Grail are both burning up the hip-hop charts. We want to know: which record are you a bigger fan of?

Both Ye and Jay's albums are totally different when it comes to the way they're made: Yeezus is only 10 songs in length, and has a more futuristic, synth-driven vibe to it, while Magna Carta is a classic hip-hop album in a modern world with 16 tracks in total. Lyrically, though, the pair stick to almost the same subject — power, race, assets, and even both mentioning their love of Paris (remember this song?). If you need to listen to both albums one more time, Kanye's is here and Jay's is here on Spotify. Vote in our poll below and have your say...

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