Possible Setlist Leaks For Beyonce And Destiny's Child's Super Bowl Performance


Beyonce may have made some doubt her when reports surfaced that she had lip-synced her performance of the national anthem at Obama's inauguration, but she's a professional and what do professionals do? They dust themselves off and get back to being pros! Beyonce's first order of business is her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show next weekend (February 3rd) which will include a reunion performance with her Destiny's Child co-members.

US Weekly is reporting that they found the setlist for her performance. Here's what we can allegedly expect:

"Crazy in Love"

This is an all-time favorite and marks the second time Bey collaborated with her future husband Jay-Z. Could this mean a possible surprise appearance by Hova? If there is any justice in this world, it will happen.

"Bills Bills Bills"

This is a great early Destiny's Child song but we don't know if it would be all that appropriate due to the fact that Michelle wasn't even in the group when this song was recorded/released. Kinda a slap in the face, no?


"Survivor" is a great choice because it's totally appropriate at the Super Bowl. It deals with themes of perseverance and strength and is perfect to inspire the players and showcase Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce's voices.


This is the brand new DC song that was just released. It's fine, but we just hope it doesn't put the players and the audience asleep... Is that mean?

What songs are you hoping to hear? We hope Bey plays "Countdown" from her most recent album 4. We think the marching band arrangement is perfect for a sports game. Tell us below which songs you hope Beyonce and Destiny's Child perform!