PREMIERE: See Every Lyric From Jon Pardi's New Album Ahead of Release

The album is called 'Write You A Song' and it's out tomorrow.

If you're betting on new country stars to break in a big way this year, it wouldn't be a bad idea to put your money on Jon Pardi. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter is already a veteran of the touring circuit, where he's opened for stars like Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Gary Allan, and Luke Bryan. That experience has helped Jon establish his voice as a singer/songwriter for his debut album Write You A Song.

Write You A Song
includes everything from honky-tonk songs to party jams to good old-fashioned love songs. Whatever the subject matter of his songs though, Jon's primary goal is to make high-energy music for his fans.

"All I ever wanted to do coming to Nashville was to write rowdy, in-your-face, straight country music, and that's what this album is," said Jon in a press release. "If you can take a piece of life and put it in a song it's going to be a good song—especially if it's from the heart."

MetroLyrics is exclusively premiering the lyrics to Write You A Song a day ahead of its release. Click the song titles below to read the lyrics in full and be sure to share your favorite lines.

1. What I Can't Put Down
2. Up All Night
3. Write You A Song
4. That Man
5. Missin' You Crazy
6. Happens All The Time
7. Trash A Hotel Room
8. Chasin' Them Better Days
9. Love You From Here
10. Empty Beer Cans
11. When I've Been Drinkin'

Watch Jon's video for the album's latest single "Up All Night" below.

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