PREMIERE: See Fefe Dobson's Fan-Curated "In Better Hands" Lyric Video

We're bringing you the lyric video for Fefe's latest single: did your submission make the final cut?

Following up her hit track "Legacy", Canadian pop-rocker Fefe Dobson is back with a brand new jam, and it's a ballad about an ex that just wasn't worthy of her time. "In Better Hands"'s chorus features Fefe singing "Three strikes / We tried / Now I'm in better hands", which basically has the singer/songwriter spelling out that's she's over her former lover now that she's found a better one. We'd hate to be the inspiration behind this lyrical kiss-off!

Created and filmed by Fefe Dobson's official fan club, the FEnatics, we're premiering the lyric video for "IN Better Hands". Starring a pair of vulnerable lovers with Fefe's words etched all over their skin, it's a tender lyric video which compliments the angst-y vibes of the song rather well. If you're currently trying to forget an ex that just wasn't the right fit for you, then Fefe Dobson's latest single might be your new go-to breakup anthem:

Like what you hear? Fefe's "In Better Hands" is available to download as a single off iTunes today.

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