PREMIERE: Twin Forks "Back To You" Lyric Video

The former Dashboard Confessional frontman's new group has a new song

A few months back, we premiered a lyric video for the song "Cross My Mind" from former Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carraba's new band Twin Forks. Now, the band is back with a new lyric video for their song "Back To You," and we're premiering it here at MetroLyrics!

The video is entirely fan-made, using lyric art submitted by die-hard TF fans. The custom lyric art gives the visual some nice variety and is a nice tip of the cap to fans of the band, showcasing the gorgeous lyrics "Put a poesy in your hair / Pretend you couldn't give a care / Whistle past the graveyard / Even the dead deserve a song". But did they use YOUR clip in the video? Keep those fingers crossed, Twin Forks fans, and watch it to find out:

Twin Forks' debut self-titled LP is available for purchase on iTunes now.

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