PREMIERE: Until The Ribbon Breaks 'Romeo' Lyric Video

Watch a new lyric video from the experimental R&B artist exclusively on MetroLyrics

Until The Ribbon Breaks is the experimental R&B project of musician Pete Lawrie Winfield. Last year we introduced you to UTRB when we premiered his "Pressure" lyric video. Now UTRB is back with a brand new single, "Romeo," and we're premiering the song's lyric video here, exclusively on MetroLyrics.

The song includes an obvious reference to the Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, but from there the lyrics get a bit more cryptic:

You say I would have killed Romeo / And saved Juliet / But I don't write stories / That time won't forget / So won't you pass me the kerosene / Let's burn to the ground / You've been looking for meaning / Did you like what you found?

The lyric video itself is a collage of vivid images overlaid with mind-bending visual effects, creating a powerful visual accompaniment to the song. Check it out below:

For more Until The Ribbon Breaks, head to his Facebook page. His A Taste of Silver EP, which includes both "Pressure" and "Romeo," is also available for purchase on iTunes now.

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